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Advertise in the websites that are sold hundreds of thousands of tickets monthly , be lucrative...

To procuring the tickets, is Turkey’s the biggest ticket selling and delivering organization that provides transport services for long distance travel agencies. has been working with long-distance travel agencies of Turkey for a long time and moves to process to buses’company’s tickets on the world wide web sells the long-distance travel agencies’ ticket which are active 80% of Turkey’s geography.

Ticket selling and delivering system are the most modern and the most widespread in Turkey that is made by sells and delivers to be active a lot of travel agency’tickets(long-distance highway travel agency, international highway travel agency,airline travel agency,maritime line travel agency and railroad travel agency).

Always Works as advocate of change in order to present kind of service. is bringing a substructure. Travel agencies or their web side use’s substructure to process selling online ticket or make rezervation done by their customer Works to serve you the best quality and the safest services.

Ipek Travel Solutions (Ipektr) offers travel solutions in many countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Greece, Germany, Tajikistan.
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